Australian's have their say on renaming Australia Day to Sorry Day

Australian's have their say on renaming Australia Day to Sorry Day

January 16, 2018


The Greens and Labor want to rename Australia Day to Sorry Day.

I hit the streets to listen to what the average person has to say about this loony left idea.


Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson said:

The 26th January has never represented anything other than the British Settlement of Australia. It was never an invasion day as the left would try to have us believe. History tells us the British were instructed to work with the local natives not kill them. So leave the day alone. 26th January is Australia day end of story.

Heather Hazeldene

Heather Hazeldene said:

Changing the name is a waste of tome and money
The fact till remains


Elizabeth said:

I strongly object to this rewriting our history. Britain was not intending to invade Australia at that time.
Britain was just one European country with a navy fleet, and exploring the globe was simply part of a progressive govt at that time.
The 26th January can only be a historically significant date for all Australians today whose ancesters came on those early ships, convict or free settler. Life was very difficult starting a life with so very little.
Australians today cannot be held accountable for British govt policy of the past.
The Australian govt. have created a number of significant dates already in our calendar in respect of Australian Indigenous People. May 26th is already entitled National Sorry Day, acknowledging policies of forced removal of aboriginal children from their families.
With our current excessive immigration ratefrom other cultures, I feel that Australia Day should be made stronger, reinforcing our identity as a nation, not degrading it.

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