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While other parties often seek to keep the public in the dark One Nation wants you to see how the sausage is made.

Often One Nation members will go out of their way to explain exactly how things work and why a piece of legislation passed or failed, something the other parties often loath to do. This was precisely the case with One Nation’s push for an inquiry into excessive red tape in Western Australia.

Championed by One Nation’s WA leader Colin Tincknell, the inquiry would have been a broad investigation into how red tape could be cut in order to free up business and create jobs.

You would think this should be a no brainer, but the Labor party ultimately torpedoed the move.

Colin made sure he shared the full details of the inquiry with the public, which you can see here:

He also went out of his way to explain to people exactly how the process unfolded:

RED TAPEIf you would like to watch the debate on the Red Tape motion we have proposed you can do by clicking this link…

Posted by Colin Tincknell MLC on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

One of the most underrated roles of One Nation is how we force the other parties to put their cards on the table over issues no one else will.

When there is a vote with One Nation on one side and all the rest on the other, we don’t see that as a loss, we see it as a victory, because now you know where the other parties stand.

There is nothing the other parties hate more than being forced to tell the people what they really think!

To view the whole debate, head over to the Parliament of Western Australia by clicking the button below. (Fast forward to 06:05 minutes)

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