One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has announced a new push to rescue Australia’s dairy industry.

Speaking with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on Sky News, Senator Hanson outlines a plan to table legislation that would ensure Australia’s struggling dairy farmers were paid a fair farm gate price for their milk.

This follows One Nation’s efforts in September last year to have the Senate agree to a series of measures to protect our dairy industry from further damage. These rescue measures were put to the Senate in a formal motion and called on the Federal Government to provide immediate additional financial support to dairy farmers who cannot feed their herds and regulate the price of milk per litre paid by processors to dairy farmers to ensure a viable dairy industry.

Sadly, One Nation’s proposal to save the dairy industry was rejected by the combined efforts of the Liberals, the Nationals and Labor.

Since last September, the state of Australia’s dairy industry has continued to worsen, yet the Government has failed to take any steps to protect the industry from ruin.

One Nation will be pushing this issue hard next week, its time the other parties were forced to acknowledge the destruction caused by their lack of action.

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