Education Announcement: A Good Decision, but not Enough

Education Announcement: A Good Decision, but not Enough
The decision by the State Government to reverse some of their $64 million in education funding cuts has been welcomed by Colin Tincknell, MLC for the South West region and leader of One Nation WA, however he believes the decision to review and reverse the funding cuts should have covered the entire package.
Mr Tincknell said, “I congratulate the Government on listening to community concerns over the $64 million cuts in funding to education. The decision regarding the School of the Air, funding cuts for the gifted and talented student programs, Northam residential college and the intake into the level 3 classroom teacher program will no longer be on hold, are welcome.”
“However, the Government needs to address the other elements of the package. The closure of the Landsdale School Farm, which has a main focus on students with a disability, is a poor decision, as is the one to raise the cost of vacation swimming lessons from $13.40 to $30.00. Equally the closure of the Moora Residential College, the closure of six Education Department run school camp sites, programs delivered at Canning College being only available to fee paying international students and the total closure of Tuart College, are all very bad decisions.”
“The value of delivering education and education services cannot be measured in dollars and cents alone. The amended savings figure of $41million is miniscule to the value of education. The cost of education is an investment in the future of WA. The One Nation members of Parliament will work tirelessly to have the remaining cuts reversed.” Mr Tincknell concluded.

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