October 28, 2019

Great news for anyone who is passionate about fixing Australia’s Family Law system, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has intensified her call for a Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into Family Law as male suicide rates escalate to three a day and one woman is murdered a week due to the country’s outdated family law system.

Senator Hanson has called for an overhaul of the 1988 child support system and has flagged a three-point plan to repair the payment calculation so that non-custodial parents are able to continue to meet the needs of their children, without creating a lifestyle for their former partners.

According to Senator Hanson, the current system penalises non-custodial parents who work overtime, take on a second job and are forced to pay the custodial parent, based on before-tax earnings.”

However, Senator Hanson believes child support calculations should be based on a standard 38-hour week, therefore quarantining overtime payments and the earnings from a second job.

As Senator Hanson said, “why should a person who decides to work their guts out on their days off, lose an enormous chunk of that money?”

“It not only deters a person from putting in the hard yards, but it prevents the non-custodial parent from getting back on their feet and ahead in life.”

Senator Hanson also believes a new child support formula should be broken into three categories where non-custodial parents are obligated to meet the needs of a child in prep, primary and high school.

Senator Hanson has sent a detailed list of terms of reference into family law to Attorney General, Christian Porter and has called on the Government to hold a 12-month inquiry that she would chair.

If she is able to get the inquiry across the line, Senator Hanson has vowed to take it to areas right across the country and not just to the major cities because all Australians deserve a voice on our broken family law system, not just those in the big cities.

I’ve outlined a number of changes I believe are required to modernise our country’s outdated Child Support system….

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