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Following the announcement that One Nation had achieved arguably the most comprehensive review of the Family Law System in nearly 4 decades, our phones have been ringing off the hook with people desperate to share their stories and contribute.

If you are one of the thousands of Australians seeking to share their stories with the committee then the best place to start is the official committee home page.

Because we are still in the early stages the committee has not progressed beyond allowing written submissions. However, as things progress the timetables for public hearings will be announced.

All those interested in this, and we know there are many, should keep an eye on the official inquiry page and keep track of One Nation social media because our representatives will be doing their utmost to keep the public informed.

Speaking of keeping the public informed, following the Senate vote that established the inquiry, Senator Hanson held a full media conference and took questions from reporters.

A few snippets made it into the news but you can view the entire presser in full online by following the link below.

Another important thing to remember is that while One Nation was able to convince the Government of the importance of this inquiry, the Labor party chose to oppose it.

This is just another example of how the Labor party has become beholden to far-left interest groups.

You would have thought that following their brutal drubbing at the last federal election Labor would have learned that it is not the shrill voices in the media, or the inane heckling from the Greens across the chamber they should listen too, it is the Australian people.

It seems Labor, under the leadership of Anthony Albanese, has learned nothing.

But the good news is despite the opposition from Labor and the Green the inquiry is locked in and will be progressing full steam ahead.

The plan is to take it across the country and ensure that hearings are held not just in big cities but in rural and regional areas to ensure that all Australians are given a say.

There is no doubt that once the heartbreaking stories from those whose lives have been destroyed by our broken family law system are made public that the system will be forced to change. 

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