Fight GST not GOLD

Fight GST not GOLD
Media Statement from Hon Colin Tincknell MLC
Party Leader Welcomes GST Report.
Hon Colin Tincknell MLC authored a hard-hitting submission to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into the GST. He is pleased that the Productivity Commission has described the Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation system as “out of balance and a drag on national economic productivity”.
“Clearly the Productivity Commission will be heeded. Western Australia will get a fairer deal from GST. There is now no excuse for the Western Australian Government to attack the gold industry with an unwarranted 50% Royalty Hike. The threat of mine closures and thousands of job losses must now be removed.”
Mr Tincknell calls on the Treasurer to recast the Budget without the Gold Tax increase and without the hike in payroll tax.
“ The proposed increase in Gold Royalties will kill thousands of jobs while an increase to payroll tax will threaten many more”

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