Government Plays Citizenship Catch Up

Yet again, the Government has had to play catch up to One Nation in their Citizenship policy. If they could use some common sense in assessing who we let into our country, Australia would be in a much better position.

This should read migrants MUST face English competency test!Looks like the Government is still trying to keep up with…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Friday, June 15, 2018

From February, Pauline’s proposed Stronger Citizenship Bill:

CITIZENSHIP REFORM | Pauline Hanson calls for tougher citizenship test

Today I moved a private senator's bill addressing the issues of immigration and citizenship reform.The Government has failed to tackle this issue and has abandoned its attempts to legislate a solution. So it looks like it is up to One Nation to make sure this is put back on the agenda and debated.FIND OUT MORE: Nation has also released an updated policy on Immigration and I am keen to hear what you think.IMMIGRATION POLICY: #OneNation #Citizenships #CitizenshipReform #ImmigrationReform

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Since 1996 Senator Pauline Hanson has been calling for a stop to Australia’s high immigration levels and today she has taken the Government to task by tabling an amended version of their abandoned citizenship bill.

“Australians are now suffering the effects, mostly in our cities, not only from high immigration, but from the impact that is occurring on people’s lives when new migrants who have no regard for our culture, way of life or laws, do not assimilate and don’t wish to. It is these people Australians are rejecting but their calls for control by governments, fall on deaf ears”, Senator Hanson said.

“Australian citizenship is a privilege, something that is earned, respected and cherished. This could not possibly be the case if citizenship is available after 1 year’s residency on a permanent visa and by passing a pathetic multiple choice test, not requiring to speak, read or write English. I am infuriated like many Australians are, including those who were once migrants themselves and are now Aussies,” Senator Hanson said.

In her amended bill Senator Hanson is calling for the waiting period for citizenship to be 8 years on a permanent visa, instead of the Governments proposed 4 years.

“Permanent residents have the same rights in this country as do its citizens, other than voting. We don’t have to rush in to handing out citizenship papers. Once they are citizens we cannot remove them from our shores if they are criminals, persons of bad character, or wish harm to our country and people,” Senator Hanson said.

Coinciding with the Senators move to reignite debate on the issues of citizenship and immigration reform, One Nation has also released a revised immigration policy.

One Nation’s revised Immigration policy recognises the invaluable contribution of overseas born Australians, who have enriched our culture, committed to our values, our laws, our political institutions and the equality of the sexes.
“Population size and immigration are never open for debate or public input by any of the political parties except One Nation. The people of Australia have a right to know what their politicians have in store for our country when it comes to the population size and the cultural destiny of our country. I well and truly believe we need to let the people have their say,” Senator Hanson said.

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