Government Rules Out Referendum To Guarantee Protections Against Child Marriages And Polygamy

Government Rules Out Referendum To Guarantee Protections Against Child Marriages And Polygamy
The Government has been unable to guarantee that the Marriage Act will not be redefined by future governments to allow for marriages of children under the age of 16 or polygamous marriages in Australia and ruled out support for a Referendum to include a definition of marriage in the Australian Constitution.
Senator Hanson called on the Government to support a Referendum to enshrine a definition of marriage in the Australian constitution where it would be protected from change without the consent of the majority of Australians.
During question time Senator Hanson asked the Attorney General George Brandis, “will the Government support a Referendum, to give Australians the right to decide how marriage is defined in the Australian Constitution?”
In his answer, Senator Brandis refused to support any Referendum to give the Australian people a guaranteed vote on any future changes to the definition of marriage in Australia.
Senator Hanson followed this up by asking, “what guarantee do the people of Australia have that future Governments will not change the Marriage Act to include polygamous marriages or marriages under the age of sixteen.”
Nowhere in his response to Senator Hanson’s question did Senator Brandis give the Australian people any form of guarantee.
Senator Hanson’s question followed reports that former president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils and founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, had called form Muslims to vote against same sex marriage but lobby for recognition of polygamous marriages.
“As long as there is no definition of marriage enshrined in the Australian Constitution there is nothing to stop future governments pandering to minorities and helping Keysar Trad's dream become a reality!” Senator Hanson later told supporters on her Facebook page.

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