Labor sides with Government on Senate motion regarding PFAS contamination at Wiliamtown

Labor sides with Government on Senate motion regarding PFAS contamination at Wiliamtown
Yesterday afternoon Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon moved a motion calling on the Federal Government to urgently commence a process of voluntary buy-outs of affected properties, develop a plan to clean up contamination from the Williamtown RAAF base and for the NSW EPA to re-examine the current boundaries of the Williamtown “Investigation Area” and investigate reports of extensive contamination outside the current boundaries.
“It's not often that One Nation agree on anything with the Greens let alone vote with them” Senator Burston said “however the the disaster that is the PFOS/PFOA contamination, which is severely affecting the community surround the Williamtown RAAF base is above politics”
“I spoke in support of the motion on behalf of the One Nation Senators and the affected communities and we then all voted with the Greens Senators to support the motion in the Senate” Senator Burston said
While Senator Burton expected the Government to vote against the motion he was shocked to see Labor Senators stay in their seats and vote with the Government against the motion, especially considering what has been said in the media by both the Labor Member for Paterson and the State Labor Member for Port Stephens.
“It's seems that like the Government, Labor is all talk on this issue!” an exasperated Senator Burston said “the Labor Members for Paterson and Port Stephens may say what the residents want to hear but when the rubber hits the road and action is urgently required, the Labor party voted with the Government against this important motion. Is it any wonder more and more people are voting for minor parties like One Nation when the major parties collude on such an important issue.”
Senator Burston was also disappointed that Senators Bernadi, Hinch and Leyonhjelm also voted against the motion.
One Nation says what we mean and mean what we say. We will continue to fight for the affected communities surrounding the Williamtown RAAF Base

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