One Nation By-Election Battle for Longman Begins

May 10, 2018

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is proud to announce that their candidate will be local Caboolture business man Matthew Stephen.

“Matthew is a strong local candidate, a fourth generation Australian, who lives and works in the community with his wife and family. I’m very proud to say he is ready to fight for the people of Longman and I think he would make an excellent Member of Parliament.” Senator Hanson said.

“This is a chance for the people of Longman to elect someone to parliament who will be able to hold the Coalition and the Labor party accountable.”

“Susan Lamb was never upfront with the people of Longman. She treated them with disrespect and took them for granted.”

“She has known for many months she was a dual citizen yet she did nothing and the Labor party protected her. Susan Lamb and the Labor party have failed Longman and they do not deserve a second chance.”

“People should remember these by-elections have been called because Bill Shorten told Australians there was no cloud over any Labor MPs, despite knowing the member for Longman hadn’t renounced her citizenship.”

“If you can’t trust Mr Shorten to be fair-dinkum over the eligibility of Labor MPs, how can you trust him with pensions, national security and the cost of living?”

“The former Labor Member for Longman and her party proposed a policy to rip money from pensioners and the elderly.”

“Labor’s new policy to weaken our offshore detention process could send Australia back to the time where under Labor we had 50,000 illegal boat arrivals in just one year. That’s enough people for a new city the size of Caboolture.

“Bill Shorten’s energy policy will see the price of electricity for Australians living in places like Bribie Island skyrocket,”

“And both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull have failed to listen to the people and cut back the out of control immigration numbers that are driving up cost of living, putting pressure on our roads and hospitals, and lowering our quality of life.”

“The people of Longman deserve better than what Labor and the Coalition have to offer.”

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