One Nation Gives Conditional Support to Media Reform

One Nation Gives Conditional Support to Media Reform
After extensive consultation with industry bodies, Government representatives and regional communities, One Nation Senators have given conditional support to the Government for its Media Reform Bill.
In securing One Nation’s support, the Government has agreed to make provisions for ABC reforms, greater community radio funding, and foreign ownership reporting.
The Government agreed to pursue a number of measures designed to assist the ABC in increasing its regional focus, as well as its financial transparency and political impartiality.
“One Nation has been at the forefront calling for more transparency of wages at the ABC and we have received assurances from the Government that they will be asking the ABC to start providing details of the wages and conditions of all staff, whose wages and allowances are greater than $200,000, similar to what is being implemented by the British Broadcasting Corporation,” Senator Hanson said.
“The Government has also agreed to undertake a competitive neutrality inquiry into the ABC and to legislate a requirement for the ABC to be ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’,” Senator Hanson said.
“And most importantly the Government has agreed to greatly enhance the ABC’s provision of services to rural and regional Australians,” Senator Hanson said.
The Government has also agreed to provide an additional $12 million dollars in funding for community radio measures, which includes increased funding to support the digital rollout of community radio and extra funding for industry capacity and skill development.
“I have always been a big supporter of community radio, we need to ensure that Australian communities, both regional and city have access to a diverse and independent voice. More often than not community radio is that voice, so it is vitally important that they are supported and well-funded,” Senator Hanson said.
“While I’ve had a hot and cold relationship with what many call “fake news” media, there’s nothing fake about my very real concern for the future of our Australian media,” Senator Hanson said.

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