One Nation Promises Gigantic Water Infrastructure Plans

Water infrastructure is a One Nation commitment.

As my home state of Queensland is now 58.1% drought declared, it’s my goal to have the Liberals or Labor give me and the Australian voters a commitment to build a hybrid of the Bradfield Scheme and drought-proof Australia.

Farmers in Queensland are spending up to $40,000 a week on trucking water to their crops.

What does this do in return? It inevitably drives fruit and vegetable prices up and you and I complain about the cost of our weekly grocery bill.

We need to stop Bill Shorten committing to double our foreign aid budget and we must stop Scott Morrison from committing further Corporate Tax Cuts to foreign multinationals.

Instead, let’s use that money to build water infrastructure that will ensure the Murray Darling is always full, farmers have ample water to grow crops year round and towns are never forced to go on water restrictions again.

Where is the long term strategy from Labor and the Liberals? Where is some genuine leadership in this country from these two parties?

It no longer exists!

For god’s sake, don’t settle for their pork barrelling this election. Make the sensible decision to give your vote to One Nation.

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