One Nation unveils Candidate for Dawson, Deb Lawson

A passion to see North Queensland properly represented in Parliament, and to deliver the infrastructure and Australian Government support it needs, have motivated One Nation’s candidate for Dawson, Debra Lawson.

While the “Lawson for Dawson” catchphrase seems obvious, what’s more obvious is Mrs Lawson’s drive to make a positive difference to the local community.

“I’m sick of the two major parties having a total monopoly and not being held accountable for their actions,” she explained.

“We get a raw deal with what’s going on, we get no funding – for example, the Bruce Highway is a goat track, it can’t even carry the trucks through to bring supplies in after we’ve had flooding, it’s an absolute disgrace.

“I decided that I’m not going to sit back and have a whinge about what’s going on in politics now, and I hope I can make a difference and represent the people of Dawson, and not just Dawson, but the whole of North Queensland.”

Among the big issues Mrs Lawson would like to fix are the plight of farmers and the agriculture industry, concerns over the distribution of mining royalties, the difficulties faced by small to medium business, making sure we care for our ageing community, and upgrading the Bruce Highway.

“The whole reason I decided to run is hopefully we can have better representation in this area, in government, and get those things done,” Mrs Lawson said.

“If current governments, Liberals and Labor, were running private business or a corporation, they would be bankrupt. How can we let them run the largest corporation in Australia and not be held accountable?”

Mrs Lawson has a wide range of career experience, working in real estate sales and property management, established a hairdressing business and diversifying into business-to-business sales and business development.

She supports the Bradfield water scheme, which aims to pipe water from high rainfall areas in North Queensland to help drought-proof western Queensland and South Australia. She also supports retaining coal-fired power stations and the cheaper energy they generate.

“We’ve got the coal here, we’ve got that major resource, it could halve the cost of power, and Labor and the Greens want to close down the coal mines – if that happens, you can see our economy going backwards even more than what it is,” Mrs Lawson said.

“I think rural and regional Queenslanders want to bring it back to basics – look after our farmers, the sugar industry that is largely foreign owned, we need to stop the foreign ownership, we’ve had enough of it. Give some control back to Australia.

“It is so sad to see that something that was once called patriotism is now referred to as racism, and it really breaks my heart that that’s the way society is becoming.

“I’m passionate about this area, I want to see the people here succeed.

“If I’m elected, I’ll only support items the government puts forward that are good for Queenslanders, not their political party. I won’t vote for legislation or any project that is obviously just in the interest of their party and doesn’t benefit every day Aussies.”

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