Pauline Calls for Banking Royal Commission to be Extended

The Banking Royal Commission has already achieved some positive outcomes. We have already seen NAB pledge they will stop…

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

From the Courier Mail

Pauline Hanson asks PM Malcolm Turnbull to extend banking royal commission


PAULINE Hanson has written to Malcolm Turnbull to call for the banking royal commission to be extended and widened, warning too many victims are not being heard.

The One Nation leader has joined a growing chorus of critics, arguing the inquiry has failed to apply a blowtorch to the opaque relationship between banks, receivers, liquidators and insolvency firms.

The correspondence to Mr Turnbull, dated July 23, came as National Australia Bank bowed to pressure and announced it would stop charging drought-ridden farmers interest when they failed to make repayments.

Senator Hanson asked Mr Turnbull to invite commissioner Ken Hayne to seek extra time to hear more evidence.

The commission must submit an interim report by September 30 and provide a final report by February 1, 2019.​ ​

“I am receiving numerous correspondence and calls from constituents who, while they have lodged their submissions have not, and have been informed by officers of the royal commission, will not be invited to attend to give evidence ­before the royal commission due to the limitation of time,’’ Senator Hanson wrote.

“It needs to be stated categorically any request by the commissioner for an extension of time shall be granted to give full effect to the findings.

“Secondly, the most important issue that has arisen and raised previously by me, is the inclusion of receivers and managers, liquidators and ­insolvency firms appointed by the banks to come within the terms of reference of the royal commission. I, on behalf of all those people who have suffered loss due to actions of those receivers, managers, liquidators and insolvency groups, urge you to take the proactive step of widening the terms of the royal commission to make it perfectly clear it has the authority to call those stated parties to account.

“Also, state publicly and invite the commissioner to seek an extension of time to hear further evidence.”

It is almost certain that if Commissioner Hayne asked for more time, it would be granted.

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