Pauline Hanson’s Election promise

With an election now called for May 18, Pauline Hanson is suggesting voters take out insurance by voting for One Nation, the only party promising to hold the major parties to account.

Senator Hanson said, “This country has been crying out for a solution to drought and I have given my commitment to the people of Australia that if One Nation continues to hold the balance of power after this election, we will build the hybrid Bradfield Water Scheme and drought-proof much of the country, while solving the issue of water for the Murray Darling.”

The One Nation party have shared the balance-of-power for the past term of parliament, ensuring legislation was judged on merit and not sleazy backroom deals.

Senator Hanson said, “I’ve kept an open door policy with all sides of politics these past few years and, despite who puts legislation forward, I’ve always taken the time to judge it on the basis of whether it is right for the people of this country or not.”

The One Nation leader took a principled stance on rejecting the coalitions tax cuts for larger businesses with turnovers exceeding annual earnings of $50 million, yet supported tax cuts for smaller family businesses and workers across the country.

“One Nation has ensured the Morrison Government maintained a strong economy by rejecting their wasteful $45 billion dollar handout for banks, multinationals, and businesses that don’t pay their fair share of tax in this country,” Senator Hanson said.

“It’s One Nation who started the debate over issues the major parties refuse to speak about. Issues like immigration, foreign ownership, water, electricity prices, climate change, safe schools, and political correctness. If we weren’t there to give both sides of politics a clip under the ear from time to time, the country would be a broke basket case.”

One Nation uncovered the misconduct of our banks in a parliamentary inquiry into the lending practices to farmers, chaired by Queensland senate frontrunner Malcolm Roberts. That inquiry very quickly led to the Banking Royal Commission.

“We have achieved so many outcomes for Australian’s across this country. We have dealt with thousands of little issues that people are just so grateful to have resolved, but also had significant wins including the 1600 apprenticeship positions for regional Australia,” Senator Hanson said

“One Nation saved the sugar industry with a code of conduct, kept the Moora College in WA open, helped secure over $200 million for a much needed water pipeline to prevent Townsville going dry again, achieved a $8.9 million emergency centre for Ipswich, obtained $5 million for the driver training facility in North Queensland and stopped farmers having forced buyouts of their land for the sake of the Singapore Army.”

“The people of Australia are tired of the two major parties not listening to their needs and instead only looking after big business and party donors.”

One Nation has also successfully shared the balance-of-power in the Western Australian state parliament with two other minor parties.

“The Labor Premier of Western Australia and Coalition Prime Minister have both acknowledged they’ve had a good working relationship with One Nation and have continued to achieve positive outcomes for the country,” Senator Hanson said.

“There’s not a great deal of common sense left in politics these days, so I’m pleased to see One Nation keeping a finger on the pulse and standing up for the issues that matter to everyday Australians.

One Nation will run candidates in both Senate and Lower House seats across the country with Senator Hanson warning both major parties to expect her in towns they refuse to visit.

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