You may not have seen today, Labor and the Liberal parties are supporting a call to install smart meters in every house and businesses across Australia.

It's a move that would raise the cost of power during peak periods in a bid to lower demand, as data shows Victoria and South Australia are unable to produce enough energy on hot days with little or no wind.

It would also give Governments the ability to flick the switch on your electricity in peak periods.

I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone having the ability to regulate the use of power in my home, let alone jack the price up simply because it's a hot day and there's greater demand on what should be readily available access to electricity.

It's pretty clear that the state and federal governments have failed to ensure adequate power supply to a growing nation.

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Susan  Aguirre

Susan Aguirre

If smart meters were rolled out, would ALL Govt buildings and Politition’s homes and businesses be effected also and would they abide by the electrical restrictions and pay from their OWN pockets or would they be dipping into OUR pockets to pay for their bills? A simple question but I guarantee that there will not be a simple answer – yes or no



I live country WA. I live off the grid. So this does not bother me too much but I see the pain that people are going to suffer. There are options out there that would make more sense to the power problems but our idiot governments past and present seem to think the solution is to raise the cost of living to pay for their mindless acts or do not use so much power. Example… I watched a show I think it was called Catilist ,it was about hydro electricity. 3 Tasmanian engineer’s teamed up and made a mini hydro system that powered 3 houses running out of a slow running creek. It was housed in a very small garden shed. They put their design out there but their government wasn’t interested in it. Victorian government showed that they were interested but that was as far as it got. Most governments aren’t interested in saving people money. Only taxing.

Trevor Blanch

Trevor Blanch

From research Ihave done it cost’s approximately $200.00 per kilowatt to produce electricity from renewable sources as against $30.00 per kilowatt to produce electricity Fro coal fired power station. What idiot mathermations we have in our governments!!!!!!!!

steve  gray

steve gray

the labor party are in bed with more immigration and the libs are in bed with the muslims and the Asians so native Australians cant trust either of those two parties, Pauline you need to stop immigration in its tracks immediately ,we have native Australians who are living on the streets,and no jobs either partime or fulltime for native Australians but TURDbull doesn’t care about that-you need to cut back or stop immigration and get rid of this bloody LIBERAL RECESSION we are in



In Victoria hundreds of people got sick from wireless smart meters. We had many house fires and appliances blowing up. We got so sick since smart meter installation that after five days of it, we began living in a small Campervan on the street. After fighting the power company for six months, we gave up. We took a $50,000 loss on our house, gave away nearly everything we owned and fled to QLD. We were assured by Campbell Newman that QLD would not be getting smart meters. We have been well and happy here for 5 years, but now the smart meter roll out has begun here. Smart meters are not safe. All over the world, wherever they are installed people get sick and power bills go up dramatically. They also collect your data and on-sell it. They are not secure.

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