Why can’t the Government acknowledge scanners are driving patrons away from safe night venues?

Why can’t the Government acknowledge scanners are driving patrons away from safe night venues?
“Only an out of touch ALP Government could claim the Safe Night ID Scanning scheme has led to a drop in crime around the venues, rather than see the fact it has driven patrons out of the area”, One Nation Queensland leader and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson MP said today.
Mr Dickson said, “The ALP is deluded if it thinks a drop of nearly 25 percent in patronage at the safe night venues is a good outcome for anybody.
“The fact is 213,000 patrons were scanned throughout Queensland during the first week in July when scanners were introduced, but by the last week in August only 167,000 were attending the safe night venues.
“If crime has dropped it is not because of the success of the scanners, it is because no one is going to the areas anymore.”
“You notice the Government does not talk about by how much crime has dropped, nor did they acknowledge the huge drop in patronage. They have their heads in the sand,” he said.
“In August I committed that One Nation would scrap these compulsory ID scanning laws if elected to government or holds the balance of power at the next state election.
“These latest figures make it obvious the scanners are having an impact the Government did not intend, not only in a massive drop in patronage, but also on our reputation as an international tourist destination.
“We have become a joke because tourists on a night out without their ID are being turned away from licensed venues in droves.
“The Government claimed the scanners were designed to keep patrons safe and ensure they can have a fun night out. But no-one apparently thought about the tourists and visitors, and the fact patrons would simply not go to the venues.
“Many venues have chosen to shut at midnight rather than install the scanners, and One Nation supports a re-think of the whole issue”, Mr Dickson said.
Co-owner of Brisbane's Jade Buddha Phil Hogan said, "It's like a doctor stating that he's cured the symptoms of the common cold, but the patient is dead!”.
19 September 2017

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