The Slammer Coolers


Stubby coolers are quickly becoming a more and more popular novelty gift. They're cost effective, memorable and most importantly useful. (Everyone loves a useful gift)

These stubby coolers are proudly 100% Australian Made, supporting our Australian owned business'.

  • Rubber Blended and produced in Australia
  • Fabric Manufactured in Australia
  • Product Printed in Australia

Our stubby coolers are printed using dye sublimation which allows them to be printed in full colour. They are made of high quality neoprene material with a taped black seam, overlocked top and bottom edges, and a glued, non-slip, shark skin base.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nancy De keijzer
Brave Misunderstood Pauline

Hi ,It’s hard to gift Pauline as an ex Con.
My son didn’t really understand the Jail term.
He is in the Services so doesn’t need any criminal associations even as joke.
I really wanted the other 2 Coolers :
For the Boys & For the Girls.
Fun but inoffensive.

Nikkita Young
Cool idea!

Great cooler idea for the 20 year anniversary! I remember watching it on the news as a high schooler. What a witch-hunt.

Mark Burley
Great quality, good message

I received my order in a very timely manner. Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the slammer coolers.

Why did I buy this? Cause it reminds me that any of us conscious outspoken Aussies, could be taken to the same place Pauline was…even more so this day & age!

Thanks One Nation for, as you say, having the guts to say what we’re thinking.

Vaughan Adams
Cup and stubbie holder

Thank you, they look great