Extra Training for Police Officers Made Easier Under One Nation Plan

Extra Training for Police Officers Made Easier Under One Nation Plan
Under a new One Nation proposal announced today, Police Officers would be granted approval to improve their firearm skills and practice with their service pistol outside of mandatory practice sessions.
Currently Police officers in Queensland are required to purchase an identical firearm at their own expense if they wish to improve their shooting skills outside of their mandatory training sessions.
“I’m sure everyone agrees we want it to be as easy as possible for our Police Force to train and improve,” Senator Hanson said, “I think this policy is just common sense.”
“In the past, police officers were permitted to train with their service weapon but because of old target shooting regulations when the Glock was brought into service this was discontinued.”
“I think it is time to update this outdated law so those dedicated members of the police force who wish to become more proficient with their firearms have as much assistance as possible.”
One Nation’s proposal would mean that Police Officers who hold a concealable firearm license would be allowed to attend their pistol club and use their service weapon for practice and matches.
They would also be permitted to take their firearm home either side of the training provided they had an approved firearms safe at their residence.
The Senator also announced plans to lobby Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison to allow Police officers to claim target practice ammunition as a tax deductible expense.

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