Turnbull steals One Nation’s coal-fired power station policy for North Queensland

Turnbull steals One Nation’s coal-fired power station policy for North Queensland
Queensland One Nation Leader and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson MP learned today that the Prime Minister is now backing One Nation’s plan to build a new coal-fired power station in the north of the State.
Mr Dickson said, “One Nation has consistently pushed this policy since February despite suffering criticism and a lack of solid support from the major parties. But what has happened now? Within sight of a State election, the Prime Minister is making another visit to Queensland in an effort to have the moribund LNP elected to office.
“The power station the Prime Minister is now supporting needs to be funded and built by the Government, not private industry (mates). And it needs to be built next to a coal mine (also One Nation policy).
“The Queensland Leader of the Opposition’s idea to subsidise private enterprise to build a coal-fired power station, represents asset sales by stealth. It is reminiscent of when Tim Nicholls was Queensland Treasurer and consistently stated that there were only three ways to pay down debt and build infrastructure: sell or lease state-owned assets, cut government services, or increase taxes.
“The ALP and LNP voted together in the recent State budget for 50 per cent of our power to come from unsustainable and currently uneconomic renewable energy such as wind and solar. They also voted together to increase a range of other taxes and charges, including car registration fees.
“Their renewable policy has led us to the position where thousands of Queenslanders cannot afford to pay their power bills, and we are facing the threat of blackouts during the coming summer months.
Both the ALP and LNP are responsible for the increasing cost of electricity in this State.
“Last month in Parliament, I asked the Premier a Question without Notice – would the state government build a coal fired power station in Queensland. She answered ‘no’.”
“Why is Australia exporting 85 percent of its coal each year so other countries can enjoy cheap electricity? It is nonsense. We need the coal here so Australians can afford electricity. In hearing the Federal Government’s change in attitude, I know the public will not be hoodwinked by the Prime Minister’s back flip on a new coal fired power station.
“Building a coal fired power station in North Queensland has clearly been One Nation policy and now the LNP is trying to play catch up,” Mr Dickson said.
20 September 2017

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