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If you ever get the feeling the media is trying to convince you the day is night or that the grass is blue and the sky is green, you are not alone.

The media’s coverage of the so-called “outrage” that followed the announcement that One Nation had secured a comprehensive inquiry into our failing family law system is a crystal clear example of how they attempt to bend the truth.

Fortunately, Sky News presenter Chris Kenny took the time to compile an excellent segment that laid bare the shocking extent of the media spin on this issue.

Kenny’s segment included one “expert” which argued on the ABC that Senator Hanson’s claim that some women were lying about family law matters to get more favourable outcomes was quickly disproven by an Australian study which showed up to 14% of accusations of domestic violence heard by the family law courts were false.

Don’t believe us? Then you might want to check out the segment in full and see for yourself.

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