Mark Latham


In NSW, One Nation is spearheading the fight for religious freedom with the states party leader, Mark Latham, putting forward a proposal to protect people expressing legitimate religious views from persecution.

As we saw during the federal same-sex marriage debate and in the times that have followed if people chose to speak out against the group which is pushed by establishment elites their jobs are on the line.

Israel Folau would be the most high-profile case of this in recent times, but there are many more. No doubt many of you reading this have been attacked or threatened for having your say, whether it be at a barbeque or online.

The fact that someone could face the sack for saying they are a Christian is not on. This is why Mark has put forward his bill and is currently asking for anyone interested to read it and make a submission.

You can read more about Mark’s bill by visiting his website below.

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