Georgiou calls out Dastyari on racist taunts

Georgiou calls out Dastyari on racist taunts
MEDIA RELEASE: November 9, 2017
WA’s One Nation Senator Peter Georgiou has called on ALP Senator Sam Dastyari, to prove the racist taunts he was subjected to in Melbourne yesterday were those of the “One Nation” fold.
Senator Georgiou stressed he did not condone racial vilification, after having been subjected to racism since he could remember.
“I’ve been called a “Wog” and “Grease ball” and a host of other names since I was a kid at school and into my adult life for years” he said.
“I don’t think it’s appropriate however to be blaming One Nation for the abuse Senator Dastyari faced at a Melbourne pub yesterday”.
“Furthermore I have to say that in the last six months while I’ve been in the Federal Political frame and a One Nation MP, I’ve never been vilified or ridiculed for being the son of a Greek migrant or being proud of my Hellenic roots.
“I’m sure the men Senator Dastyari faced were no short of bigots and what they did was ‘un-Australian’. Nobody should be subjected to that type of behaviour”.
“These men identified themselves as being part of the “Patriots Blue” group. One Nation has no affiliation with them.
“For Senator Dastyari to accuse his attackers as ‘One Nation’ racists and blaming Pauline Hanson is out of order”.
Senator Georgiou said he would happily sit down with Senator Dastyari next week when the Senate resumes discussing the matter further, in private.

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