One Nation commits to protecting local Queensland Airports

One Nation commits to protecting local Queensland Airports
Queensland One Nation Leader Steve Dickson has today committed his party to protecting local airports around the State.
He said many of them are under threat from the old political parties who are reducing their lease terms and allowing housing developments to encroach onto airport perimeters.
Mr Dickson said, “One Nation will ensure local airports are given 99 year leases so as they can seriously plan for the future.
“Local airports are part of the culture of Queensland, particularly in rural and regional areas.
“It isn’t good enough for politicians in capital cities to make such detrimental decisions about local airports.
“The local airport is part of the community. People learn to fly planes there, and country kids can learn aviation trade skills. We need to protect the airports and ensure their long term viability.”
Mr Dickson said it wasn’t only local airports that were feeling this squeeze. It is happening to our race tracks and chicken farms and other similar industries.
“They all need protection, and One Nation is committed to just that.
“To allow us to do this, it is important on November 25 that every supporter vote number one for One Nation.
“The people in regional and rural Queensland are big contributors to the State economy. They are entitled to and deserve proper facilities, be it their local airport or other industries.”
“Labor and the LNP have ignored the regions for far too long. It’s time they were held accountable for their inaction and neglect,” Mr Dickson said.

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