Government is pouring petrol on the mass migration bonfire

Government is pouring petrol on the mass migration bonfire
Senator Hanson has delivered a fiery speech on immigration, in which she accused the Government and Labor of acting like drunken fools pouring petrol on a bonfire, when it comes to their immigration and population polices.
In her speech, Senator Hanson called for a reduction in Australia’s net immigration from its current record high levels to around 70,000, in order to restore stability to Australia’s population.
“It’s time for all sides of politics to engage in reasonable debate instead of calling anyone who wants to talk about population policy and immigration reform, a racist,” Senator Hanson said.
“It is time to end mass migration and for The Government and Labor to work with One Nation to enact a sensible immigration policy that will be to the benefit of our future generations,” Senator Hanson said.
In her speech Senator Hanson explained how, as immigration numbers have increased and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per person has declined, the standard of living in Australia has been steadily dropping for the last three decades.
“We must act now, because unless we do something to bring the level of immigration into Australia under control, our standard of living will continue to fall.” Senator Hanson said.
“I want the economy to grow because of productivity, not because the population number has grown.”
“The failed mass migration ponzi scheme favoured by every other political party, benefits no one but the super wealthy, the elites and multinational corporations. Mass migration drives down wages, undercuts the rights of unskilled workers and is fuelling Australia’s housing crisis.”
Following the speech, Senator Hanson's notice of motion on immigration was blocked by the Senate.
Pauline Hanson Notice Of Motion

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Donna Tebbutt

Donna Tebbutt

Yes, I also believe migrants should have to prove they can be good Australian citizens before they can immigrate here.
8 years is a good time to prove it.

I cannot get onto your site for this vote.

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