Hanson Hits Back After Greens Terrorism Attack.

Hanson Hits Back After Greens Terrorism Attack.
Senator Pauline Hanson has hit back at Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young following highly offensive comments made by the Greens Senator, linking One Nation policy to future acts of terrorism.
“To think that drawing attention to the problems associated with full face coverings like the burqa, and starting a debate, might somehow justify a terrorist attack on Australian soil shows you just how out of touch the Greens are. It was disgusting and Ms Hanson-Young should apologise,” Senator Hanson said.
Senator Hanson stated that acts of terrorism and violence should never be blamed on the victims or those trying to start difficult conversations, because the blame will always lay at the feet of the perpetrators.
Senator Hanson also called out the Greens for having no solutions and accused them of being the party putting Australians at risk.
“The Greens want to open Australia’s borders, they are weak on security and regularly pander to ideological extremists. It is the Greens who are putting this country in danger,” Senator Hanson said.
“The Greens have no solutions and instead look to attack those who try to have the difficult conversation about how to make us safer.”
Senator Hanson also reiterated her long held belief that violence would never solve anything and should always be condemned.
“Violence is wrong and has no place in our democracy. The ultimate form of protest will come at the ballot box when voters are given their chance to really have their say,” Senator Hanson said.
“If we look at recent acts of political violence in Australia we see it coming from the left, like the attack committed on Andrew Bolt by left wing extremists,” Senator Hanson said.
“When Sarah Hanson-Young tries to blame me for terrorism. This is the kind of violence she is inciting, the left have been at this game for years”.
“Because of the threat of politically motived violence, many in the right are unable to speak freely or engage in sensible debate in this country. This is what the Greens should be condemning. Instead they help fan the flame of division by saying stupid things and calling people names.”
Senator Hanson vowed to continue her fight to keep Australia safe and would continue to promote her policies and speak for the silent majority of Australia.

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