Senator Hanson Welcomes Senate Dress Code Review

Senator Hanson Welcomes Senate Dress Code Review
Senator Hanson has welcomed reports that Senate President Stephan Parry will ask the upper house to consider adopting a formal dress code following Senator Hanson’s wearing of a burqa into the Senate, raising the security and moral issues associated with the oppressive veil.
“I welcome Senator Parry’s decision to ask the Senate standing committee to review the lack of a formal dress code in the Senate,” Senator Hanson said.
“I hope common sense prevails and I hope that the Senate standing committee realises that full face coverings, like the burqa, have no place on the floor of the Australian Senate. This issue was obvious to me and to many other Australians, so I’m glad my actions have sparked this debate.”
Senator Hanson reiterated the fact that as she walked from her office to the floor of the Senate at no time was she visually identified.
Senator Hanson also pointed out the need for Senators to be easily identifiable while in the Senate.
“I was not visually identified before entering the Senate and this has been confirmed by the Office of the Black Rod,” Senator Hanson said.
“A Senator’s vote is counted by sight. If Senators cannot be easily identified then this cannot happen.”
“Full face coverings are clearly a security risk as well as a hindrance to Senate business and full face coverings, like the burqa, are also a disgusting symbol of oppression that have no place on the floor of our Parliament.”
Senator Hanson urged all sides of politics to give any future reviews of the Senate dress code the proper consideration it deserved.

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