Sam Cox announced as One Nation’s new Queensland deputy

Sam Cox announced as One Nation’s new Queensland deputy
Senator Pauline Hanson has declared that Sam Cox, the new deputy leader of One Nation in Queensland, will be the man to see rural and regional Queenslanders finally have their voices heard.
“Sam has shown us that he is prepared to work tirelessly for rural and regional Queenslanders to see they finally get their fair say,” Senator Hanson said.
“Sam has both the political and the life experience that will make him an asset not just to the people in his seat of the Burdekin but to all of Queensland.”
“On behalf of the One Nation party I want to congratulate Sam, we are very lucky to have someone of his calibre representing the party.”
One Nation’s leader in Queensland Steve Dickson made the announcement about his new deputy this afternoon following One Nation’s Annual General Meeting in Brisbane.

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hank schmidt

hank schmidt

I would like to make contact. I live in wulguru and One Nation is in my sights. I know of SamCox and even though I can not get directly involved at this stage I am quite willing because I believe in Pauline’s outlooks of life of real australians We are losing our country to imagriants that don’t conform to our way of life. We have too many imigrants that have too much say and the present government does not want to react because of votes.

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