Hanson’s Push for Family Law Reform Finally A Reality

Hanson’s Push for Family Law Reform Finally A Reality
In a clear win for One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, the Federal Government has announced it will undertake its first comprehensive review of the family law act, since its inception in 1976.
Senator Hanson said “No one within the government was interested in dealing with family law until I returned to parliament and hounded both the Attorney General and Prime Minister."
This is the first step of a process the Senator hopes will dramatically speed up court times for those involved in family law disputes, take a fairer approach to fathers and their access to children, increase judge numbers and registrars, properly resource judges, provide access to night courts, implement automatic joint custody rights unless a parent is proven to be of harm to the child, deal with DVO obstacles often used as weapons by former partners and give better funding to organisations who work with supervised visitations.
“I am sick to death of the spiteful behaviour demonstrated by former partners, and with men’s suicide numbers increasing through pure frustration with the process, the system is clearly broken.”
The Senator has worked quietly behind the scenes with Chief Justices, Judges and the Attorney General to seek Government intervention and changes.
“It’s been difficult keeping this matter low key due to the frustration often shown by men who have been forgotten by the major parties. I feel their pain and have seen the deterioration of the system over the past 20 years.”
“I’ll also be pushing for an overhaul of the child support agency as well” Senator Hanson added.

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