Hanson Warns PM ‘Use it, or lose it’ before he loses leadership

Hanson Warns PM ‘Use it, or lose it’ before he loses leadership
Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has accused Malcolm Turnbull of failing to listen to expert advice she gave the Prime Minister and former Minister for Resources, Matt Canavan over Australia’s gas reserves and industry.
Ms Hanson spent months researching the flaws in Australia’s gas shortage and told the Prime Minister the blame lies with multinational gas companies and a high level of ignorance displayed by Federal Governments.
Ms Hanson said “To say Australia needs more onshore gas wells is complete rubbish. The Federal Government has 31 retention licences, with proven or probable gas sitting off Western Australia, with more gas than we’d know what to do with. Not one of those licenses have gone to production phase, with some multinational companies having had these licences for 30 years.”
Western Australian gas miner Woodside is producing gas at $0.80 cents a gigajoule and claim to have more gas than they can sell.
“We know that it’s costing Surat Basin gas companies $7 to $8 a gigajoule to pump gas at the well head, so either the Prime Minister is ignorant to Queensland gas costs, or he’s blatantly trying to shift the blame of gas shortages from the Federal Government to the States.”
“I suggest the Prime Minister immediately implements a ‘use it, or lose it’ policy, a 15% domestic market supply and guaranteed royalties and taxes on the 31 retention licences, held off the coast of Australia and put an end to the domestic gas shortage.”
Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson has revealed the party will ban CSG mining on prime agricultural land in Queensland, including an announcement yesterday to stop any further mining on the Channel Country.
Senator Hanson has also suggested that the Government investigate a secondary re-gasing station in Queensland that would assist shipping gas from Western Australia to the East Coast where gas would be injected into the grid.

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