Will the LNP commit to funding the Mooloolah River Interchange?

Will the LNP commit to funding the Mooloolah River Interchange?
Queensland Leader of One Nation and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson has written to the Leader of the Opposition Tim Nicholls to ask if the LNP will follow One Nation’s lead and commit to funding the $440 million Mooloolah River Interchange upgrade.
Mr Dickson said, “In January 2017 as the Queensland Leader of One Nation, I made a commitment to fund the Mooloolah River Interchange if One Nation is elected to government.”
“Since Kawana was announced as the location for the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital in 2006, both the LNP and Labor have been aware of the need to upgrade the necessary road infrastructure. Houses have been resumed in preparation, but there are no current plans in place by the government to proceed with the upgrade. The current weaving at Mountain Creek is dangerous, and Nicklin Way and Kawana Way will not cope with the additional volume generated from the new hospital.”
Mr Dickson said, “The former LNP State Government understood the importance of this upgrade with then Premier Campbell Newman making an announcement at Kawana in August 2014. The former Premier, surrounded by Sunshine Coat MPs announced plans for a $440 million upgrade of the MRI which included a new direct connection to the $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital precinct. This was an LNP commitment for the 2015 election.
“However, with the Sunshine Coast University Hospital now operational, in this current term of government neither Labor nor the LNP have committed to even commence the necessary pre-loading work, let alone the road upgrade.
“On 3 August 2016 Mr Nicholls visited my electorate office in Buderim, together with other Sunshine Coast LNP MPs and stated that the LNP would not commit to delivering this project. I was deeply disappointed by this statement as it left me unable to best represent my constituents on this matter. Ultimately, it was one of the reasons that I left the LNP.”
“If One Nation is elected to government or holds the balance of power after the state election, funding will be committed to this vital $440 million road upgrade. Will the LNP again follow One Nation’s lead and finally recommit to this funding or will they continue to ignore the needs of the Sunshine Coast?
Mr Dickson added, “What are the views of the LNP candidate for Buderim, the Member for Kawana and the Member for Glasshouse and Shadow Minister for Transport, Main Roads and Local Government? Now is the time for action, not petitions.”
26 September 2017

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