How would you spend $5.4 Billion? Sign The Petition

How would you spend $5.4 Billion? Sign The Petition

October 27, 2017


E-PETITION: Queensland, how would you spend $5.4 billion?

One project in the heart of Brisbane? Or nine state-building infrastructure projects that will secure water, power, roads, and transport for ALL Queenslanders.

Have your say and sign the e-petition below:


Francesco Nucifora

Francesco Nucifora said:

I agree with the proposal change

Daniel Simms

Daniel Simms said:

The wealth or a major part of the wealth is generated outside of Brisbane and the cost of supporting Brisbane and centralized Labour and LNP style of government is putting the rest of Queensland and all Queenslander’s in the poor house. Queensland and the people of Queensland need REAL infrastructure projects to be started. Coal Fired Power Stations (more than one), dams, roads, rail, ports and tax breaks for Queensland small and large business. Cut the government in half and put the more back into the community.

Dora Vaux

Dora Vaux said:

I agree.

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