LNP’s Embarrassing Backflip on Budget Vote

LNP’s Embarrassing Backflip on Budget Vote

October 24, 2017

The LNP have tonight caused major embarrassment to themselves and left the cross bench with a good belly laugh after the parties hypocrisy just days before an expected Queensland election is called.
Liberal National MP’s put forward a motion to scrap a renewable energy target of 50% they set during the Queensland budget period in July. The desperate move to distance themselves from Labor has been sighted as an ‘own goal’ by the cross bench.
One Nation leader for Queensland Steve Dickson said “If the LNP were a Colombian soccer team in the 90’s, they would have signed their own death warrant with an own goal like this. Is there any wonder why people are abandoning them in droves?”
“While the LNP were giving each other high-fives, the cross bench were sitting there having a good old laugh at their hypocrisy and I only hope the people of Queensland were doing the same.”
During the 2017/18 budget debate, the LNP voted with the Labor Government to increase all fees and charges, as well as voting for a 50% renewable energy target.
“Tonight we saw the deceptiveness within the Queensland parliament where the LNP put a motion forward to condemn their previous position.”
“I’m afraid their so-called masterful switcheroo move was caught out.” Mr Dickson said.
One Nation have called for all renewable energy targets to be scrapped in Queensland and instead build a 1000 megawatt coal fired power station in the North of the state.
Mr Dickson also believes a return of $1.3 billion dollars in electricity profits to consumers will cut Queenslanders electricity bills by a minimum 20%.
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Karen said:

It is not the first time that the both major parties ALP & LNP have voted together in Queensland nor will it be the last. Totally agree with you putting a stop to the $1.3 Billion electricity profit being squeezed out of the workers. But you are wrong if you think Queenslanders want a polluting Coal fired power station instead of a cleaner solar powered one. It would be like going back to horse & cart travel again. Please put it to a Citizen Referenda after your elected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH8EFtf-OGY or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9anja_uOG4w We can afford cleaner energy especially if we make the rich pay their fair share of tax through a bank tax.

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