One Nation Announces First Lower House Candidate for Federal Election – Capricornia

With the party’s Federal Candidacy applications closing soon, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has put a national call out for any last minute applicants who haven’t put their hat in the ring to do so immediately at https://www.onenation.org.au/become-a-candidate/.

Central Queensland miner, Wade Rothery has been announced as the One Nation candidate for Capricornia ahead of the next federal election.

Incumbent Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, narrowly holds the seat by 0.8%, leaving the father of four a great chance for One Nation’s prospects.

Mr Rothery has described the current political system as a “circus on steroids”, with many people disillusioned with both parties.

“When Bill Shorten gave Labors assurance to a green group activist, Geoff Cousins to try and revoke an environmental licence for a coal mine in Central Queensland, my blood boiled and I said to my wife, neither Labor or the LNP can be trusted to stand by coal mining in this country.”

“One Nation will give the mining sector surety and force the federal Government to underwrite new coal fired power stations and lower the nations electricity prices.”

“Both Labor and the LNP tippy toe around the word ‘coal’ and it’s about time someone just tells the truth. It’s the cheapest form of electricity generation we have in Australia, unless the country is prepared to have a discussion on nuclear.”

Mr Rothery said “Locals recognise the Rothery name throughout Central Queensland. They know my family have had a long standing history in the transport industry throughout Rockhampton.”

“I’ve played for the Comets and chosen to raise my four kids here, while working in the mining industry.”

“It goes without saying this region needs better services and infrastructure, but let’s get back to the basics of Farming, Mining and Tourism. Support those industries with less red tape and more incentives to do well and you’ll see Capricornia boom again.”

“Capricornia has proven it can be successful and I think we can prove it again with One Nation behind the area.”

One Nation has worked hard for Capricornia, saving farmers in Marlborough from compulsory acquisition by the Singaporean Army and securing the Banking Inquiry into Rural Lending Practices, which led to the current Royal Commission into the banks.

“Over 21% of people across Rockhampton and Gracemere put their faith in me at the State election last year and I trust many more will see that I’m keen to change the fortunes of this region, which has long been overlooked by Labor and the LNP.”

Wade is always contactable on his facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/wade.rothery/

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