One Nation Bank Inquiry forces Turnbull’s hand for Royal Commission

One Nation Bank Inquiry forces Turnbull’s hand for Royal Commission


Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has welcomed news of a Royal Commission into Australia’s banking sector, citing the looming One Nation led Senate Inquiry into the finance sector as a major catalyst for the Prime Minister’s backflip.
“Upon One Nation’s election to the Senate we immediately called for a Royal Commission into banks” Senator Hanson said.
“Next week I’ll be unveiling the recommendations of the Senate Select Committee into Lending to Primary Production Customers which has been inundated with scores of submissions detailing inappropriate and unconscionable behaviour by the banks against our nation’s farmers.”
“Which begs the question, why are the banks not wanting any recommendations or evidence from previous inquiries taken into consideration?”
“There’s no doubt Malcolm Turnbull, the Government and the banks, are afraid of what is going to be in those findings from the One Nation led inquiry next week.”
“This Royal Commission must ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to guarantee compensation is awarded for thousands of victims who’ve lost billions of dollars over the years” she added.
WA’s One Nation Senator, Peter Georgiou said today’s announcement was clear evidence the Banks and not the government, were running the country.
“The government has made this announcement only after the big four banks requested the Prime Minister to call for a Royal Commission and at the same time conscious of our committee findings” he said.
“This tells me the banks are clearly running the country and Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t have a back bone in his body. He is simply following the lead of his banking mates” he added.
Senators Hanson, Peter Georgiou and Brian Burston said today’s announcement was a clear reflection of One Nation forcing the Government’s hand.

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