Pauline Hanson Declines to Support Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Pauline Hanson Declines to Support Same-Sex Marriage Bill
One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson declined to vote for the Same Sex Marriage Bill that was passed through parliament today.
Senator Hanson explained that amendments to the bill were not given appropriate consideration by the YES side and the arguments of the NO side were not treated with respect.
“While I personally believe in and support traditional marriage and voted NO in the postal survey, I also believe that the views of the majority of Australians deserve respect,” Senator Hanson said.
“However, while the majority of Australians voted YES in the postal survey, they did not vote for the many measures in this bill that go beyond the scope of legalising same-sex marriage.”
“The consequences of these measures have not been properly considered and the Australian people have not been given a chance to understand that this Bill does more than legalise same-sex marriage.”
“The people of Australia were not forewarned about the full contents of this bill and the impact it will have that goes beyond allowing same-sex marriage in Australia and I believe this should have been taken into consideration.”
“The YES side refused to properly consider reasonable amendments to the bill, such as protecting both the personal and religious freedoms of marriage celebrants.”
“There can be no justification for requiring someone to give their reasons for refusing to solemnise a marriage whether those reasons are religious, ethical or conscientious objections.”
“It needs to be pointed out that section 116 of the Constitution of Australia prevents the Australian Parliament from making laws for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion and provides that no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”
“I think there is a good argument to be made that this bill breaches section 116 of the constitution and that this was not given proper consideration.”
“I believe this bill goes beyond the mandate given by the Australian people and because of this I could not vote for this bill.”

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