One Nation Warns Premier of Fools Gold

One Nation Warns Premier of Fools Gold
After a scathing report card yesterday on WA Premier Mark McGowan, One Nation Upper House Members were today invited to meet with the state leader and discuss their concerns over the budget, suggesting tax hikes may result in a bounty of fools gold.
Mr Tincknell said “My colleagues and I are strongly opposed to the concept this Government have of increasing gold royalties and the states payroll tax, due to the blanket affect it will have on the State and more importantly our regions like Kalgoorlie who will suffer the most.”
“Western Australia was the number one destination for mining companies globally, who once found stability and profitability - but with overspending Governments, both former and current, they’re looking for any excuse to put their sticky fingers in the till to balance their budgets and repay debt.”
One Nation have supported the Governments move to increase teacher numbers and education assistance for 11 new schools, along with two new women’s refuges, to help deal with domestic violence.
Mr Tincknell put forward a suggestion that in lean times, the Government must act fiscally responsible, avoiding the lolly isle when we should be focussing on bare essentials.
“What did come out of the meeting was a commitment from the Premier to work closer with One Nation MLC’s and better communication from Ministers.”
One Nation will continue to consult with workers, councils and mining companies, most likely to be affected by the Governments tax hikes and take their message direct to the Premier.

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