Pauline Hanson throws Great Keppel Island a lifeline

Pauline Hanson throws Great Keppel Island a lifeline
Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has thrown Great Keppel Island the strongest lifeline ahead of the Queensland election, promising a casino licence if it holds the balance of power and the seat of Keppel.
Tower Holdings owner Terry Agnew made the trip to Canberra this week to meet with One Nation Senators, Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to discuss the 12 years of endless costs and agony his company has faced from State and Federal Governments.
Senator Hanson said “The Great Keppel Island Resort has been white anted by both tired old parties. Labor kicked the community in the guts by promising the casino licence and later voted against it. I can’t see Keppel going back for a second belting this election.”
“Campbell Newman has personally told me that his parties decision to deny Great Keppel Island the casino licence was a bad call and yet his former Treasurer, now wannabe Premier, won’t commit to the casino licence either.”
Despite hard work from local tourism operators and Capricorn Enterprise over the past decade, the region has suffered with tourism numbers treading water and job losses in the mining sector.
“Steve Dickson and I have spoken and we both agree. We have a shovel ready development with 1500 jobs ready to go if we approve a boutique gaming licence of 35 tables for Great Keppel Island.”
“One Nation have a number of policies like the gaming license for Great Keppel Island that no responsible State Government would refuse, therefore these policies are non-negotiable” Ms Hanson said.
One Nation candidate for Keppel, Matt Loth agrees that the granting of a boutique gaming licence is a “no brainer” and the solid commitment by Steve Dickson and Senators Hanson and Roberts will send a clear message to locals that the Great Keppel Island project will go ahead under their election.
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Anthony Aiossa (Tower Holdings), Terry Agnew (Tower Holdings), Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts

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