Malcolm Roberts hits back at claims One Nation is getting 'too much' cash for Queensland

Malcolm Roberts hits back at claims One Nation is getting 'too much' cash for Queensland

Senator Malcolm Roberts has responded to media reports that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has vented his anger at the Prime Minister for letting Senator Hanson have too much ‘cash’ for Queensland.

“Mr Joyce sees it better to moan about a few million dollars being spent in regional Queensland rather than use his considerable parliamentary numbers to demand the Prime Minister ease electricity prices, stop the gay marriage distraction, or restore property rights for farmers,” Senator Roberts said.

“Is it no wonder people are deserting the Nationals in droves?”
“Barnaby Joyce’s Nationals would have you believe they stand up for the bush. In reality all they stand up for is protecting their positions in cabinet and their fat salaries,”

“Queenslanders everywhere are saying they prefer the Barnaby of old, a bloke you could rely on to take the fight up to city-based Liberals,”

“These days it seems all the Deputy Prime Minister is interested in is the VIP jet and the luxury car to zip around town. He has abandoned the bush,”

“Has he gone bat-poo crazy?”

It took months of badgering and political pursuit by Senators Hanson and Roberts for the government to finally intervene to find a solution to the Wilmar issue in Central Queensland. All the while, Mr Joyce was asleep at the wheel.

The move over the boarder to New South Wales has turned Barnaby Joyce into a cockroach, and he has forgotten he was once a proud Queenslander.

“Senator Hanson’s success is merely because she brings the result of her listening tours back to the parliament and the Prime Minister’s office,”

Senators Hanson and Roberts have firmly recommitted their pledge to avoid horse trading on legislation, and instead deal transparently with the needs of Queenslanders and Australians.
“We never asked for a single cent or favour in return for supporting any Government bill, yet you don’t see Mr Joyce demanding the PM apologise for giving $100million to the Greens for a backpacker tax or $50billion to Christopher Pyne to save his seat,”

Senator Roberts has spoken to Senator Hanson and can faithfully report that she is willing to provide all parliamentarians with listening and public advocacy lessons since government MPs appear to lack basic representative skills.

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