ALP and LNP can cut power prices immediately by adpoting One Nation’s policy on Energy Company dividends

ALP and LNP can cut power prices immediately by adpoting One Nation’s policy on Energy Company dividends
One Nation Queensland leader Steve Dickson MP has challenged the ALP and LNP to cut electricity prices by returning power company dividends rather than putting them into consolidated revenue.
The Member for Buderim said that in the next Parliament, One Nation will allow power companies to keep the $1.3 billion a year in dividends they pay to the Government so electricity prices can be cut by about 20 per cent.
Mr Dickson said the companies would then re-invest those funds into providing Queenslanders with cheaper power.
“This is a long standing One Nation Policy. The challenge for the ALP and LNP is to put the people first and help them be able to afford power during the coming hot summer months, if indeed the grid doesn’t fail altogether,” he said.
Mr Dickson said the $1.3 billion can be recovered by savings in Government tendering operations which currently see the State paying millions more for products than it needs to.
“The recent Turnbull Government report showing the country is at risk of an imminent shortfall in base load power confirms both the LNP and ALP have failed Australia on electricity.
“Their pursuit of subsidised renewable energy such as wind and solar power at the expense of cheap coal power is only driving up household electricity bills.
“The report warns of a gap in the national electricity supply as coal fired stations are being shut down. In short it says we won’t have enough electricity to run homes or industry,” he said.
Mr Dickson said One Nation’s policy is to build a new coal fired station in the north because they can provide reliable cheap electricity.
“Queensland has the coal, and One Nation has the drive and determination to see the new facilities built.
“We know that half the country refuses to pay a premium for renewable energy. That alone should be enough to make the ALP and LNP rethink their renewable policies,” he said.

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Francesco Nucifora

Francesco Nucifora

That would be great to have a new coal fired powered plant in North Queensland. Sometime ago, I thought one of the Labor governments did finalise their research in capturing most of the carbon emissions; This would be great to give the organic carbon to the farmers bury in their land if it is safe. Also you could couple it with Telsa batteries to help with the load base with maintenance shut downs.

You could probably have designed and build a hybrid power plant fueled by Coal, Ethanol and coupled with telsa batteries. You could also build smaller government owned Ethanol plants dispersed in Queensland so Sugar Cane farmers may have an alternative and this could produce the renewable Ethanol for the plant. This would basically be generated by most of Queensland resources. Room for thought!

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