Queenslanders deserve to know how the state government will manage power blackouts

Queenslanders deserve to know how the state government will manage power blackouts
Queensland One Nation leader and Member for Buderim Steve Dickson MP has called on the State Government to reveal how it intends to enforce its ‘blueprint’ in an effort to prevent blackouts during the summer months.
“Queenslanders need to know the full details of the Premier’s plans before she calls the coming State election. We read today that Labor State Government has a ‘drastic plan to force millions of Queenslanders to keep their air-conditioning at 26 degrees during the hot summer months’. How exactly does the Premier plan to enforce this?”
Mr Dickson said, “The Government could also reassure the community by confirming what back-up plans they have for places like hospitals in the event of blackouts.
“Both the ALP and LNP are responsible for the position the State is now facing. It is up to them to make sure the problems are addressed.
“The ALP and LNP voted in the recent State budget to have Queensland eventually generate 50 per cent of its power from wind or sun power. Both these renewable energy sources are currently highly subsidised and not price competitive with coal,” he said.
Mr Dickson said, “As a start, to address the problems of supply, the Government, either State or Federal needs to immediately follow One Nation’s lead and commit to funding to building a new government-owned coal fired power station in North Queensland, preferably near an existing coal mine.

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