Steve Dickson Introduces Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani

Steve Dickson Introduces Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani

I'd like to formally introduce our Queensland Member of Parliament for Mirani, Stephen Andrew.

Stephen is a 4th generation South Sea Islander/ local Mackay person and is the first South Sea Islander ever to win a seat in the Queensland Parliament.

He has witnessed firsthand the hardship and bureaucratic roadblocks that effect;
- Local Fishing Industry
- Local Farming and Grazing
- Business providers to the Mining Industry
- Rising fuel and electricity costs

Stephen will be fighting for change for everyday Australian’s here in Queensland. He has a strong focus on Government funding waste and for changing the path of how government funds can be channeled to boost and promote Small Business and allow people to find long-term permanent employment.

Please support Stephen Andrew for Mirani - Pauline Hanson's One Nation by liking his Facebook page and letting him know your concerns.

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