Political Playground Pandemonium T-Shirt

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Step right up to the grand political spectacle with our "Political Playground Pandemonium T-Shirt."

Available in the sleek simplicity of white or the subtle sophistication of light grey marle, this shirt is a caricatured cavalcade of Australia's political scene.

From Penny Wong's piercing debates to Bob Katter's larger-than-life persona, Adam Bandt's green dreams to Greta Thunberg's climate crusades, ScoMo and Albo's leadership showdowns – this tee has it all.

It's a playful jibe at the often childlike chaos of political discourse, where tantrums are thrown and policies are played with. Don this shirt to showcase the humorous side of politics, a perfect icebreaker for your next social event or rally.

It's not just a garment; it's a statement that politics can sometimes be as messy and as fun as a children's playground. Join in the fun, support 'Please Explain,' and wear your political colors with a cheeky grin!

And here's a cheeky little fact: we print these shirts right in-house, ensuring every shirt printed supports local jobs.

Half Chest 50 52 54 56.5 59 62 65

Colour: White
Size: S