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Tim Robertson
Say nothing, Do nothing, Get nothing

People need to protect themselves from the crazy people who don't know the difference from a man or a woman and want to be controlled by dictators

Ivan Hriljac
Super smooth for a Super Cause

My autographed "Director's Batch" bottle of Rum Nation arrived very quickly! Number 2595 of 5000 was looking at me and I was looking at it. Curiosity got the better of me!
Very classy and smooth, it won't disappoint and helps One Nation and the economy.
Do Australia a favour and buy a bottle today!

Sally Queck
Reasons to vote for Albaneses Voice

Best book anyone can read.🤣

Priscilla Irrgang

Really enjoyed the book. Very easy to read. Would have liked to have Pauline's photo on the front cover & Albanese photo on the back!

Jennifer Wilson
Crazies at the helm

Keep up the fight everything labor puts their hands on makes it worse for someone
They are changing our country people are loosing respect and only thinking of themselves
It is almost a repeat fall of the Roman Empire
I fear for my grandchildren
Chris Bowen needs a white jacket
He is physically destroying this beautiful Australia
It should not be allowed it should be stopped before our country Is beyond repair
I figure to many people making big money at expense of normal people and the environment