Don't Welcome Me To My Own Country Sticker


Looking for a way to make a statement and show your support for One Nation?

Look no further than our latest series of stickers featuring quotes from Pauline Hanson.

From the courageous "Criticism Is Not Racism" to the inspiring "Don't Welcome Me To My Own Country," these stickers are sure to turn heads and start conversations.

So don't wait, get your hands on these must-have stickers today and join the movement for a better Australia!

Material: Vinyl (3-5 years)
Size: 140mm W x 73mm H

Customer Reviews

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Don’t Welcome Me To My Own Country Sticker

Pauline has always told us the truth from way back when the boats started coming to Australia and fishing in our waters. She was vilified and called a racist. Still to this day no one has accepted or apologised to her for warning us about what was to become a major problem around the world!!! What is happing in the voice is appalling. Here we go again with the racism rant. I was born in Australia so I am indigenous to Aust. I can’t go anywhere else to live! I am not a racist. I don’t like division. The leaders of the voice are almost white themselves. Noel Pearson needs to be bought to account for all his so called dealings with ATSIC and other projects etc. I find him and Marcia Langton to be divisive, have a sad woh is me victim mentality. When they talk they have nothing to say. They can’t explain what they are talking about. They talk absolute Mumbo Jumbo. I think the real aboriginal people are making more sense than Noel and Marcia who are so educated. They are real crooks of the highest order and not to be trusted. There are many people from all over the world here, and we can’t go back in time. This is my Country and don’t welcome me to MY Country. The voice is divisive. We don’t need to say sorry for being White or for something that our Great Great Great Grandfathers may of may not have done. Sorry for ranting so long. We need to get rid of the growing Lefty Lunacy. Peter Dutton needs to put pressure on all the time and call out the Treasonous Dividers.

stuart holliday
Great it’s our country as well they can get stuffed

It’s ly country as much as theirs is if they think different they can get stuffed

Ian Paterson
Confounded cheek!

How dare aboriginals and all the coffee coloured variants welcome me to my country!
If my father, his brothers and my uncles, who all fought for Australia, were alive today, these parasites would be have bayonets shoved right their back passages.

Tony Hill

Tell Pauline to keep going strong

John Riley
Vote no to racist indigenous favouritism

Love the sticker “don’t welcome me to my own country “ and have had favourable comments since attaching it to my car. It seems that m not the only one feeling this way and I hope these people vote no in upcoming referendum. These racist greedy aborigines must be stopped. They already have voice it’s called democracy and they get one vote the same as ALL Australians. And that’s all they should get. Anything else is pure racism!